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AirSqueezer Myths, operating information and cautions for basic operations of pneumatic squeezers Clear Air Tools
Basics Basic information on the use of Pneumatic tools & compressors Clear Air Tools
RivetGuns Information on Rivet Guns and their differences Clear Air Tools
Tolerances Information on tolerances that come into play while working with sheet metal aircraft. Clear Air Tools
AC 43.13-1B Advisory Circular 43.13-1B:Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair FAA
MIL-R-47196A_MI Military Specification of the preparation and installation of buck type rivets. US Dept of Army
AC 00-46D Advisory Circular 00-46D: Aviations Safety Reporting System (ASRS) FAA
AIM Aeronautical Information Manual FAA
AC 20-139 Advisory Circular 20-139: Commercial Assistance During Construction of Amateur-Built Aircraft FAA
AC 20-143 Advisory Circular 20-143: Installation, Inspection, and Maintenance of Controls for General Aviation Reciprocating Engines FAA
AC 20-27F Advisory Circular 20-27F: Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft FAA
AC 20-37D Advisory Circular 20-37D: Aircraft Metal Propellor Maintenance FAA
AC 21-34 Advisory Circular 21-34: Shoulder Harness-Safety belt Installations FAA
AC 65-23A Advisory Circular 65-23A: Certification of Repairmen (Experimental Aircraft Builders) FAA
AC 90-89A Advisory Circular 90-89A: Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook FAA
AC 91-62A Advisory Circular 91-62A: Use of Child Seats in Aircraft FAA
AC 45-2B Advisory Circular 45-2B: Identification and Registration Marking FAA
AC 21-12B Advisory Circular 21-12B: Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate, FAA Form 8130-6 FAA
51% List The FAA's listing of kit aircraft that meet the 51% rule. Updated 1/27/05 FAA
EAA Judging Standards The EAA's published judging standards used to judge aircraft during EAA events (Document hosted by EAA) EAA
Aircraft Hardware Aircraft Hardware - What you need to Know (Document hosted by Sportair) Sportair/Ron Alexander
Building with Aluminum Building an Aluminum Airplane (Document hosted by Sportair) Sportair/Ron Alexander
Electrical Systems Electrical Systems Simplified (Document hosted by Sportair) Sportair/Ron Alexander
Building Motivation I'd like to build something someday but ... (Document hosted by Sportair) Sportair/Tony Bingelis
Painting Mysteries Painting - Solving the Mysteries (Document hosted by Sportair) Sportair/Ron Alexander
Rules & Regs Rules & Regulations of Airplane Building (Document hosted by Sportair) Sportair/Ron Alexander
Fiberglass Tutorial Web page describing basic fiberglass work Jim Andrew
Lycoming publications Web page containing documents concerning lycoming engines & accessories Lycoming
Slick Mag information Web page containing documents concerning lycoming engines & accessories Chris Maida
Choosing a Lycoming Basic information on choosing a Lycoming engine (written for Falco owners) Falco
Wing Tip Antennas Basic information on Bob Archer's wingtip antennas Bob Archer
IFR Equipped RV's Basic information on equiping your experimental for IFR flight EAA
EAA Worktable Plans Plans for building benches to use during construction EAA Chapter 1000
Introduction to Tank Sealant An introduction to tank sealant and its use. Paul Trotter
AC 20-37E Advisory Circular 20-37e: Aircraft Propeller Maintenance. FAA
AC 20-30B Advisory Circular 20-30b: Aircraft Position & Anticollision Light Installations. FAA
AC 20-32B Advisory Circular 20-32b: Carbon Monoxide Contamination Detection & Prevention. FAA
AC 20-43C Advisory Circular 20-43c: Aircraft Fuel Control. FAA
AC 20-66A Advisory Circular 20-66a: Vibration & Fatique Evaluation of Propellers. FAA
AC 20-97B Advisory Circular 20-97B: Aircraft Tire Maintenance & Operational Practices. FAA
AC 23.607-1 Advisory Circular 23.607-1: Self-locking nuts on bolts subject to rotation. FAA
AC 23-13A Advisory Circular 23-13A: Metal Fatique & Damage Tolerance of Metalic Structures of Airplanes. FAA
Extra Capacity Fuel Tanks One builder's plans for extra fuel capacity. Pat Tuckey
Polishing Aluminum A guide on one method to polish Aluminum panels. Gil Fuqua, Jr.
Fuel System Schematic Fuel system schematic of the Titan EXP Fuel Injection System ECI
Engine Break-In Engine Break-In Instruction & Oil Management ECI
Engine Trouble Shooting Engine Trouble Shooting Guide ECI
Dynamic Balancing Information on Dynamic Balancing of Engines & Props ECI
Cherrymax Rivets Everything you ever wanted to know about Cherrymax Rivets Textron Aerospace Fasteners
Compressed Air Systems In depth information on setting up shop air systems. US DOD
Spar block diagrams Pictures and diagrams of wing spar blocks that can be used to bolt into RV fuse center sections Randy Giffin
AC 39-7C + Advisory Circular 39-7c: Airworthyness directives FAA
Order 8130.2F + Order 8130.2F: Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft and Related Products FAA
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