New Diesel possibilities?

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New Diesel possibilities?

Post by Homebuilt7 »

I just happened to stumble on this opposed piston diesel engine and I wonder if there is aircraft potential. The dimensional with is a little large but that is what fiberglass bubbles on the cowl are for. The real amazement is in the power to weight ratio:
Give it a minute for the animation to load:
Specification page:
Any of the alternative engine fans see potential?
My personal choice is still a Lycoming, but I'm interested in alternatives.

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Post by Spike »

Now that is an interesting concept. I would love to see someone try to adapt it to GA. Though I know I am definitely not the guy to do it. Neat find!

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Post by cjensen »

Cool to watch...looks REALLY wide...
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Post by lancef53 »

That is awesome!! 664 ft/lb of torque at 2100 rpm.

41 inches wide--300 lbs and 325 hp @3500 rpm.

Chad, how wide is the cowl on a 7? Is a Lycoming about 35-36"?

That is very neat!!! Does it have ports like a 2 stroke instead of the valves?
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Post by bruceh »

I posted a thread on this on that other forum. Look up the podcast I reference and listen to the designer of the engine talk about it.
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