Black Otter 2022

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Black Otter 2022

Post by bullojm1 »

While at Sun and Fun Marc and I ran into Bob Willis (Osh Welcome Wagon Driver, RV-6) and the first words out of his mouth were "What day is the Otter??".

Tuesday has worked well for us in the past, so it will this year also!

Mike Bullock
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Re: Black Otter 2022

Post by painless »



Need I say anything?? :)
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Re: Black Otter 2022

Post by A2022 »

unbelievable! how do I get two of those?
Steve Melton
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Re: Black Otter 2022

Post by 6GUN »

Looking forward to the Black Otter
Im the guy in the red shirt in the picture
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Re: Black Otter 2022

Post by leffler »

EAA is playing musical chairs with all their traditional evening events this year. They changed the night being held for quite a few of them. I went from having almost no conflicts to having multiple nightly conflicts.

This will be the first year I won’t be able to attend all the activities that I normally attend. I enjoy our annual trek to the Black Otter. I’ve got some tough to decisions to make over the next few weeks.
Bob Leffler
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Re: Black Otter 2022

Post by bruceh »

I've been to the Van's banquet (held this year on Tuesday). Price is high for the food, but hey, it is Van's 50th, so it might be worth it???
Wednesday is the night airshow and I'm really hoping the weather cooperates this year. It is a must see. I usually bug out before the second night airshow on Saturday.

The Black Otter dinner is one of the highlights for me, so if we continue to do it on Tuesday, I'll be there!
Monday is the Beer Fairy party, Wednesday is another party at the same house for Gallagher insurance customers, and Sunday is the beer tasting (drinking) in Homebuilt Camping. I just hope the weather is great for arrivals on Sunday, otherwise this might get missed... I'm 3 for 5 on getting in on Sunday.

I can't wait for Oshkosh!
Bruce Hill
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