Dispatch reliability, 99.5%

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Dispatch reliability, 99.5%

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9 yrs flying and 1040 flight hours..... I consider my dispatch reliability to be good. I have had two instances where I intended to fly but the airplane was unable. the first was not my fault but the second was, it was a maintenance induced fault. conclusion: after any maintenance, it is important to be extra vigilant for unknown issues. I have had other issues such as flap motor problems, but they were corrected on my time schedule. no in-flight equipment failures that caused a premature landing.

note: I carry a set of flyway parts and tools, but I've never needed anything.

I have probably had at least 400 flights because a lot of my flights are short. 2/400 = .005, so 0.5% unable to fly, 100-0.5 = 99.5% able to fly (not too bad). I have never had to return from the runway or runup area to the hangar because of mechanical issue.

1) crankcase forward seal became disengaged at 400 flight hrs. I spotted oil on the floor during the pre-flight. the factory admitted they did not use the correct adhesive for the seal.

2) throttle cable seized. I was unable to move the throttle when I attempted to start the engine. I had made an error during maintenance and allowed VC-3 thread lock to smear across the throttle linkage barrel (sleeve by the carb). this was not detected on the initial engine run check but on the attempt for the second start after maintenance and the aircraft sat in a humid hangar for several days and swelled the VC-3 and locked the throttle cable.
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