YouTube vs Amazon Music

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YouTube vs Amazon Music

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comparing YouTube vs Amazon Music on the computer. I have not installed the Amazon Music app on my smartphone yet, but I will because listening back-to-back is making me think I need to. at this point, I am undecided which is better. basically, I listen to music all day. I like the creative music flow. It helps to look at it from a different angle. :)

I would not recommend flying with music during takeoff and landing. OK, after you are up and away and in the boring phase and have 500 hrs in type. be sure you can quickly disable the music if needed. if you have an engine out you need to be able to hear the wind and other things. if you have rock-a-billy going in your ear, it's not going to be pretty.

Rockabilly Rock nice airplane

I drove one of these to High School.




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