Assisting on an RV-14A

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Assisting on an RV-14A

Post by bruceh »

I've been helping an older gentleman get his RV-14A empennage kit assembled. This tail kit was started by another builder, who then abandoned it when he found a mostly complete RV-14A quickbuild kit. He had completed the VS and Rudder, and was about halfway done with the HS.

I must say that I really like the updated style plans with the step by step instructions. The instructions are vastly improved over having to stare at the drawings and correlate what is mentioned in the plans paragraphs. You do have to read them over and over to really get the full picture of where you are going with the various steps. They don't get into the why of this and the why of that, so as a newbie like this person, it can still feel overwhelming.
I've got some photos of the build here.
He is ordering the quickbuild fuselage, and possibly the quickbuild wings, so it will probably be a year until we get that stuff. I'm hoping we can get the tail kit all done and out of my hangar before Oshkosh.

I've really enjoyed getting back to building, and I am now pondering if an RV-15 build might be in my future. I'm hoping to get to sit in the RV-15 prototype at Airventure later this month.
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Re: Assisting on an RV-14A

Post by A2022 »

I'm afraid to sit in the RV-15. $$$

the workspace looks good for the 14. clean, organized and lots of room to maneuver.
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