Great lookin' -6!!

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Great lookin' -6!!

Post by cjensen »

caught this beauty from the upstairs window as he was starting up. don't know who owns it, but the white, silver and black look spectacular!!


8) 8) 8)
Chad Jensen
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Post by captain_john »

That's Kelly Dunn...

N2278D (25471) flew after 6 years of slow build. The build was a joint effort with my son. We also built RLA LL54 (RV'rs welcome) during the construction period which added year to the RV completion date.

The old man got the first flight. All went as advertised. Upon landing from the second hop, One word described it all. When asked by his mother,"How was it"?, he just keep repeating "Unbelievable". We both agree, this is the best aircraft we have ever flown.

N2278D is powered by Lyc O-360 with high compression pistons turning a Hartzell constant speed prop with Airflow Performance fuel injection and Lightspeed Electronic Ignition. Performance is awsome.

Thanks to the EAA, Vans, and (checked daily)

Kelly Dunn [n2278g at]


I googled up the N number and found it on the other site!

REAL nice paint job!

:) CJ
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