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flap handle

Post by acwrench »

any one got info on shortening the manual flap handle for an rv-6? what are the advantages to doing it?

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Post by cjensen »

Get the hacksaw out, and cut. :lol:

Seriously, I don't have the info, but why shorten it? If you shorten it, you'll need to pull harder because your leverage will go down. Does it take up too much room or something? I don't know how hard they are to pull to begin with, but taking away mechanical advantage seems to be the only thing you'll be accomplishing here. :?
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Post by Dan A »

I don't know why you would want to cut it. That is unless you have really strong arms. The 6A I flew had manual flaps and the third and fourth positions could be rather difficult under the right circumstances. Making the handle shorter will only compound problem. But it's your choice! :roll:

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Post by 728GD »

I know a couple of people who have done it and they cuss everytime they enter downwind.... It's up to you, but unless you have added something which is in the way, I would leave it. Better off spending your time installing an electric system... I have manual flaps on mine with the full length handle and I still have to grunt sometimes.

Why don't you fly with someone with manual flaps and pull them in under actual conditions with your hand only half way up the handle. At least then you will know what you are going to be dealing with.

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flap handle

Post by acwrench »

see, that's why i posted this message. I'd seen it had been done b/4 but didn't know why?


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Post by Shine'r »

I did shorten my flap handle so it would fit flat on the floor between the seats. If you leave it full length it has to sit up higher because of the spar. It does keep you honest with the speeds and use of the flaps. You are not suppose to use the flaps above 100 MPH and with the handle cut down you can hardly pull them on at any speed above the 100 MPH. Mine only has two positions and I have to be at 80 MPH or below to get the second notch. I've flown it this way since new (1995) and close to 500 hours, not a real big problem once you get used to it and you don't try to cheat with the airspeed. If you have any other questions let me know.
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Post by Spike »

Thanx for the data point Shiner!! And welcome to the group.

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