p-51 style throttle retrofit.

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p-51 style throttle retrofit.

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Hiya, anone done a retro from center throttle to left fighter style? I havent checked, but is it avail thru Vans< is it an easy change? I would like it. Also by the way, how about rero sticks. Mine is too long and I have to move up to key mike. (newly purch 6A) Charlie

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Post by Snowflake »

There are a few side-by-side RV's out there with left-side throttles. Scott Jackson in Delta, BC, has one that i've flown. It uses a cable arrangement to a slave throttle on the left side, leaving the center (lever-type) throttle intact.

My plan for my -7 is to put a lever-operated throttle between the seats, ahead of the spar, with a handle from an F100 or F104 (not sure which) that I bought from eBay. I'll be flying it right-seat, to get the stick in my right hand, throttle in my left. I know this will require relocating the fuel selector, no, I haven't decided how i'll do that yet.


Left Side Throttle

Post by PC »

Tracy 'Saylor sells a left side Throttle that works for the RV6, slim and nice

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