RV-15 gear - can't see much

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RV-15 gear - can't see much

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I can't see much of the gear mechanics but why spot face for this bolt so deeply? leave the material there. that's where the load is. just kiss the face to clean it up for the bolt, or even leave this area proud and clean it up. and why is there a washer under the bolt head? the bolt has a bearing surface. it's just taking up space for more alum bearing surface. the bolt should not be allowed to rotate in the hole to eliminate galling and fretting. when you have parts rubbing, be sure to have replaceable bushings in the holes. basic mechanics.

this is a high stress area. everything needs to be beefy. I'd like to keep my legs.

think: two big bubba's, full fuel and cargo and slamming down at 6 g.

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