Nose gear mount loose.

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Nose gear mount loose.

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:? Hello

My leg attach bolt (AN5-20A) on my 7a nose gear is loose in the mounting socket. See DWG 46a. It Shows AN5-20a bolt is used.* If I raise the nose just high enough to clear the floor there is lateral movement in the socket as measured by a notch on the floor showing tire movement of 1/2"*left and right.*

The fix I'm thinking is to replace the AN5 with a slightly larger bolt, drill, and ream the hole to size slightly smaller than the bolt which would require a pressed fitting and would yield an extremely tight fit. The machining skill here is over my head.

Anyone have this problem and how did you fix yours?


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Re: Nose gear mount loose.

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You can use a tapered pin to fix this issue. However, you will probably need to take the engine mount off of the firewall to be able to ream it.


Somewhere on the interwebs is a page that details the parts needed. I got the reamer, pin and special washer from Aircraft Spruce.
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