enjoy your life - get a 9A

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enjoy your life - get a 9A

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halfway through my condition inspection for 2023. this is my 10th condition inspection. engine and cockpit linkage completed. empennage and wheels remaining. no findings so far. enjoy your life, get a -9A.

9 points:
1. easy to fly
2. handles crosswinds well
3. economy and reliability, O-320 (low pressure fuel in the cockpit)
4. a good cross-country machine
5. lands slowly
6. very low maintenance, no changes to the airframe since new....nothing
7. is fast enough and can go high
8. a constant speed prop is nice for takeoff, 2000 fpm, if lightweight and a cool day
9. carries a folding bike (20-inch wheels) and lots of stuff.... and two people.

what more do you want?

the saying "simplicity is the art in design" applies here...

Steve Melton
N531EM, RV9A, Superior O-320, WW 200RV prop, Dual impulse slick mags, CHT 330F, EGT 1300F, B&C, 1100+ hours.
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