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James Ball
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NEW Titan Engines

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Sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch. Please consider it information that you can use to choose your new engine.

I have not posted for quite a while and just want to let the readership know that Titan Engines is alive and well now in Mobile, Alabama. We were acquired by Continental Motors a couple of years ago. Our consolidation and integration is complete. We are building our 320, 340 "stroker", 360 and 370 "stroker" engines with HP ranging from 150-200 HP. We build to YOUR configuration and have the most options of any builder. We are backed by the quality management systems and OEM support of Continental Motors. Most if not all of the parts are FAA/PMA approved direct replacements for Lycoming with many improvements to the original designs.

Here is a list of standard features and options that are available;

Lightened Nickel + Carbide electro plated cylinders (best warranty in the industry- 5 years against wear and corrosion)
Dynamically balanced rotating assembly ( very smooth running engine )
Thrust washer modified crankcase- this places the thrust forces of the steel crankshaft against steel bearing type washers in the crankcase instead of just the aluminum crankcase
Stainless steel rocker arm covers, intake pipes, and push rod tubes
Standard 18mm spark plug bosses or optional 14mm spark plug bosses (for automotive spark plugs)
Venturi intake seats in cylinders (more horse power)
Piston compression ratio choice
For constant speed equipped engines, your choice of front or rear prop governor location
Angled oil filter adapter – makes filter changes clean and easy.
VAR steel crankshaft with thick (.44”) flange- very robust, compatible with aerobatic operations.
Crankshaft propeller bushing I.D. choice.
Your choice of induction system including light weight magnesium oil sump and cold air systems
Your choice of ignition system ( we carry 6 different manufacturers’ options )
Your choice of fuel system ( we carry 4 different manufacturers’ options)
Your choice of paint color
3 hour run-in
Great warranty

Other Options

Lightweight starter choices
Primer parts if set up with a carburetor.
Light magnesium accessory housing ( no provision for magnetos or mechanical fuel pump )

Kind Regards, :)
James Ball
Jim Ball

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Re: NEW Titan Engines

Post by captain_john »

Hi Jim,

We met at Oshkosh a few years ago. I have a TMX IO360 with your case and cylinders from Mattituck. It was one of the last engines out their door. ( Shame that they are no longer.)

I have 722 hours on it in three years and I love it!

I am doing my conditional inspection right now and the engine is like new. I plan on taking it from Massachusetts to Alaska this summer!

Thanks for checking in here. It isn't too busy here, but the people are great!

:) CJ
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Re: NEW Titan Engines

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Where's that "Like" button? :)

James Ball
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Re: NEW Titan Engines

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By the way, Titan engines also builds traditional displacement 320 and 360 parallel valve engines too. Aside from the difference in displacement, all of the beneficial improvements are included in them too. Lighter weight, durability improvements, customization, performance enhancements, and other features make the new Titan engines the best value for the buck that you can find.
Jim Ball

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